mimetic starfish

  PDF: The life of the Mimetic Starfish, 20002012. (Artificial life, 21(3), pp.285-288. MIT Press 2005)

The Mimetic Starfish exhibited at the last Emocao Art.ficial (6.0) Biennial in Sao Paolo, Brazil....

Emocao Art.ficial 6.0
YouTube Video

Neural Net Starfish in the Millennium Dome 2000

Developed at the RCA under the umbrella Art As A Mode of Enquiry

Kinetica, a new gallery for kinetic art
Spitalfields, London: October - November 14th 2006


short video of kinetica artworks (including starfish)

BLIP art-science festival, 2004
Big Blip 2004 - Festival of creative art, science and technology,
Brighton and the Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall, September - October 2004.
BLIP art-science forum

Peterborough Digital Arts: 2003
Free-fall - an exhibition of digital works curated by Mike Stubbs.
Peterborough Digital Arts April/June 2003

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Melbourne, Australia - September, 2002:
Prototype - an exhibition by Experimenta of accessible interactive artworks at the BlackBox, 5 21 September 2002.

Toronto, Canada - May, 2002:
Interaccess gallery in conjunction with the Subtle Technologies conference.

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Millennium Dome, Jan-Dec 2000:

"The Mind Zone does contain the best bit of the entire dome: the Neural Net Starfish.
A-larger-than-life, gold, 3-D starfish has been somehow incorporated into a marble table top.
It is incredibly lifelike and responds to human contact by retracting disdainfully
or stretching out a tentacle in friendship when a hand approaches"
The Times, Saturday, 8th January, 2000.