A mixture of disciplines: amateur electronics, computer programming (C, Basic, assembler),
video production, animation, music creation (analogue and MIDI),
creation of artworks, sculptures, installations (see exhibitions).
General interest in the amalgamation of art, science and a "philosphical mysticism" (egs Alchemy, Kaballah).


MA Fine Art
Nottingham Trent University, 1995.

MA Design Research
Royal College of Art, 1981.

BSc (2.1) Computers and Cybernetics
University of Kent, Canterbury, 1977.

Work experience:

1995-1996: Research Fellow, Royal College of Art.

1993-1995: Ambersphere: creative studio and freelance lecturing.
Kinetic installations for Ted Bakers Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh.
Manufacture and sales of CyberVisors - analogue flicker glasses device.
Part-time teaching at the Royal College of Art on the creation of interactive environments.
Seminars and workshops on "the alchemy of creative technology" at Nottingham Trent
University, Leicester De Montfort, Intermedia (Nottingham) and media events in Edinburgh,
Sheffield, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

1992: Multimedia consultancy at Nottingham Trent University.
Project: Research and documentation of multimedia applied to tourism.
Protoptype of an interactive information terminal for tourism within Humberside.
The resultant document has been published by Learning Methods, Department of Employment (OL197).

1991: Information Technology systems manager and developer, School of Performing Arts and Technology, Croydon.
Computer networking, systems software, music and multimedia, staff support, computer animation.

1987-1990: Founder of partnership i.E. (Interactive Environments)
i.E. London, developed interactive multimedia software, graphics, animation and video
for use in training, museums, television and exhibitions for clients such as the C.O.I., Royal Insurance, NIVC,
Museum of Mankind, the Royal Academy of Art, the Pompidou Centre, BBC and Channel 4.

1985-1987: Robodevco Ltd., director, system designer, software project manager.
Robodevco was set up to prototype an interactive multiscreen 3D multimedia theatrical show,
hosted by a virtual robot called 'Q'.

1983-1985: Freelance multimedia design consultant, London
Multimedia graphics and design for point of information and training terminal, Epic and IBM.
Multimedia software programming and management of interactive training programme,
Lloyds Bank and Charles Barker.

1977-1981: Computer communications specialist
Programmer, systems designer, support and management at International Computers Ltd.,
Kidsgrove, Luxembourg and Letchworth.

Publications and papers:

1997: The re-invention of virtual reality: Cubism, Duchamp and the Fourth Dimension, Leonardo (Oct 1997)
1996: Virtual UnReality: the modulation of time, sapce and energy, UKVRSIG conference 3/7/96
1995: Radio 3 broadcast: Technology and the visualisation of music.
1993: The alchemy of modern day technology, symposium on creativity and cognition, Luutchi Centre, Loughborough,
1993: Multimedia and Tourism, publication (OL197), Learning Methods, Department of Employment.