Biotica is an installation that delivers a 3D immmersive experience of Artificial Life.

The participant uses their arms to fly around a spherical space, encountering and interacting with primitive forms of A-life.

Over time, A-life creatures evolve from two cells towards more complex creatures. Natural selection is made by the presence of the participant.

4 stills of Biotica at different stages of A-life (.jpg quality)


Bioticawas shown at SIGGRAPHNew Orleans, 23-28th July 2000.
Approximately 35000 visitors attended SIGGRAPH. PICTURES

Biotica has been exhibited at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (Sept 99)
and as part of the CRD Research Show "This Appliance Must Be Earthed", at the Royal College of Art (Nov 99).

With kind support from AskProxima and Dimension Technologies for the 3D projection display technology. 


Biotica was a Wellcome Trust Sci-Art initiated project
(scientist Professor Igor Aleksander of Imperial College)
Commencing in May 1998 with additional support to completion, September 1999,
from Intel Corporation and the British Arts Council.

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