Developments, July 1999

Biotica is to be premiered at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry,
25th September-10th October 1999.

IMAGES and QT movie of Biotica at the Museum of Science and Industry

Biotica is being shown as part of Digital Summer 99 and Intersculpt 99.

Sketch of Biotica Installation


The viewer wearing 3D glasses stands in front of a large 6' diameter
screen and using their arms, they fly through a responsive and visceral
experience of Artifical-Life creatures.
The creatures grow, die and respond to the viewer and each other.
The viewer will have the ability to enter into different environments
populated by creatures of varying behaviours and forms.

"Digital DNA"


Creatures are generated using a form of Digital DNA, which encodes
the growth, form, and behavioural charactersitics of a creature.
A creature is constructed from simple primitives using abstracted
laws of physics, chemistry and neural simulations.

Two examples are shown below:


Simple primitive 4 celled creatures swimming about in response to each other.


More complex multi-celled "starfish" creature.
Arms move in response to the presence of the viewer.


Alternative forms, aesthetics and behaviours are being developed
as the Biotica software continues to be updated.