A selection from the comments book,
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, March 1997.

Alembic ran for 16 days with an average of 101 visitors per day.

A serious piece of dimensional kinetic art. A form of 3D visual Theramin using principles of interactive dimensional n-attributisation. Superb.

Fab, I was in a trance. A good way to make music.

Mesmerising and powerful.

Interactive-manga explosive 3D & aural landsacpe experience that I nearly missed and glad I didn't.

..my 5 year old son certainly had a good time with it, especially the notion that he was changing it - the old quantum notion that there is no such thing as an objective observer.

We think this is the best thing to be shown in the Bonington Gallery. The fact that it is interactive makes it a more effective piece. Very relaxing. Sound matches movements of the shapes as well. Would be great in a club!

Beatiful, very Shamanic! and scientific - reminded me of one of those science lab dishes and the concept it puts us in the way we analyse things.

Wonderful, simple elegant and very effective.

A fascinating display of visual invention reminiscant of cellular automata.

Terrific development - like the theme of natural swarming movements - like fish -between technology and nature.

Great stuff - hits the spot and carries you straight off to another dimension - awesome! Thank you.

We 3 spent over one and a half hours here and we're still finding new types of patterns. Great.

Better than "critter" and MIT Lifeforms.

The camera obscura metaphor is great, love it. So much fun from such a simple HCI (Human Computer Interface).

Alive - full of life - grows on you.

Fishie vibe!

The maddest thing I have seen in a long while! Liked the transient nature of the interaction, a developing continuum that was never quite the same - even if you stood in the same position - a lot of these hitec ones are just like presets - this felt more organic. Golden, not parts.

Wierd and scary - makes me think of journey to the centre of the earth - the sounds tune in with my guts too!

+ many goods, fascinating, great superb, brilliant wow, nice, weird, alive, excellent, bizarre, wonderful.

+ critical comments:

"The arena of aesthetics is far removed from the raw world of actuality"

Negotiating the 'rules of the game' or the variables involved in systems of operation predicates an antithesis to alchemy.

It's great, but is it Art?