Mimetics and Consciousness

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To research the development of systems, devices and artworks for exploring the nature of consciousness using an amalgamation of technology, art, science, alchemy and psychology.

To catalyse the development of systems enabling others to participate in the vision of  meaningful innovation - to create technology based products and experiences designed to add value to peoples lives, rather than simply occupying time or producing soma.

We need to think differently about the future, in longer and deeper terms - we need reason and value in our lives - a sense of meaning and place beyond that which our western fast living, contemporary consumerist culture currently offers.

Key Concepts

Inner Knowledge

Holistic Awareness

Deep Time



The website MIMETICS.COM will hold the ongoing research outcomes of the project, the resulting products, artworks and systems will be linked via this site.

The use of the Internet as a means of collaborative working, communications, distribution and alternative means of working is viewed as key  to the further development of this project. MIMETICS.NET is likely to be the medium for this aspect of the venture.

It is hoped that the mimetics project will grow organically and catalyse related projects through further funding and monies made through the exploration of any spin-off products.

Please visit MIMETICS.COM or email if you would like to discuss this project further:



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Times Interface "The Virtual Art of Richard Brown" (May 22nd 2000)
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