An experimental digital hypnosis project.

Presented at Consciousness Reframed II,
Newport, Gwent, August 1998.

Conference proceedings "Reframing Consciousness", edited by Roy Ascott
is available through Intellect Books (Feb 2000)


Stasis: The creation and exploration of subjective experiential realities through hypnosis, psychosynthesis and interactive digital technology.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, the Fourth Dimension, Hypnosis, Psychosynthesis.

Stasis is an experimental project that sets out to explore the inner consciousness through a combination of hypnosis, psychosynthesis and digital technology.
Virtual reality has set out to synthesise a perceived reality, focusing on the "out there", very much in line with a reductionist, empirical approach to understanding reality.
Stasis represents a counter balance to this by attending to the inner formulation of realities as experienced in dreams and under hypnosis.
The aim is to create a system for the authoring and interactive experience of "realities of the imagination".
It is intended that Stasis would be realised as an art form and also find practical application in counselling and related practices.

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