Similarity, mimicry and resonance...
Critical Theory: Mimetics and Walter Benjamin
see also Mimetic Desire, Rene Girard

seaslug looking like coral

imitation, representation, a likeness, creating a similarity,
an illusion of being something else...

lyre bird - imitates chain saws, computer games, mobile phones, axe chopping wood
and a potpourri of other bird calls to produce an impressive courtship song.

Mimetics is also used to describe the synthesis of complex molecules (peptides, enzymes) that mimic the molecular structures of biological receptors

Biomimetics - the copying of natural structures to create new materials -
velcro was inspired by the ways seeds hooked onto clothing.

Somewhat unrelated though mimetic sounding is memetics the study of memes - a term for cultural ideas with similar properties to genes, a memetic idea invented by Richard Dawkins

Mimetic Images

Electrochemical reaction, neurons, tree.
Time periods: 4 years, months, 100 years.

All share their form as a result of a complex time based process of branching, recursion and self-similarity.

A computer simulation of the process using a java based applet produces a mimetic equivalent: (time period 5 minutes)

(Java applet "Dendron" by golan levin)

Perhaps there is a deep implicit resonance between the internal structures of the eye/brain and the external structures we perceive?

Mimetics, alchemy and consciousness...
alchemy process and transformation