Experimentation = inspiration
Experimentation and play with apparently unrelated areas of activity catalyses unique and surprising ideas, outcomes and techniques.
Emergence through creative friction and cross-fertilisation of disparate activities.

Below are examples of play and experimentation, some of these ideas are cross breeding and forming the inspriation for new emergent works.

Games Engines

Machinima Film "Tale of the Tower" (2005) using the FarCry Sandbox

Experimental Educational Game using Unity 3d (play in the pier and do sums to win money!):
"Seaside Sums" (c) R.Brown 2011

Sound Experiments, Generative music 2002 & 2010..Play>>

The Electrochemical Glass created in October 1997, images taken between 2002 and 2004...

28/11/06 Featured in Strange Attractor Journal 3

Solar powered kinetic sculpture
Nov 2002
radiolaria... images and information radiolaria.org

via the sea glassworks of Blaschka

Biotica microscopia
New life forms discovered - see the films!
(click each image for a realmovie)
June 2003