Alchemical Life Research Laboratory


Conceptual space for exploring mind technologies,
transformational processes and induced experiences.

Speculate, reason, critique the use, development, economics and application of technology and its impact on society, culture and consciousness.

Future Fictions: Sythnopia, Machinima, MassCyberbrain, ElectroCaves

Technology assisted life escapism or enhancement?

How serious or flippant can we be?

Worthy Applications and Fringe Research.
Lost in the rush of the Electronic Age, Future Shock, Need for Speed, Information Overload

We need a sense of self and place when too much can be known and little understood.

Deep Entertainment and RPG
Mimesia, a world portal for participating in deep psyche experiences: immersive + transparent role playing, creation and inhabitation of theatrical and alchemical scenarious.
World Soap...

Deep Home Space:
Auto-Hypnogic chamber,
light and space resonators,
world portal,
space windows...

Deep Consciousness Research

Digital Hypnosis
Stasis II. (Prototype stasis I)
Spaces of contemplation and exploration, time, space, memory, rehearsal, visions and visualisations.
Life Enhancement Research

Art works, playful therapy, mind at work,
Resonance, Mimetics, Space, Time, Energy - Life, Death and Meaningfulness.

Dark and Light Psyches, Alchemy, Spiritualistic Dialogues, inner and outer demons, anima, animus, shadow.

Critique: Technological expressions, experiences, entertainment, life enhancing, or machinma entrapments.