Research Artist In Residence, Edinburgh School of Informatics, 2006-2008

Computational Thinking Seminar (May 2006): "Art, Creativity, Innovation and Experimental Science"
Production of three exhibitions combining art, informatics and cybernetics: Onsite an outside intervention working with three students from Edinburgh College of Art;
Maverick Machines Edinburgh 2007 and Pask Present Vienna 2008, two exhibitions inspired by the work of English Cybernetician Gordon Pask.
Documentation of the residency and exhibitions can be found at

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, The Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of Arts 2002-2003

Interactive Virtual World mimesia House of Tomorrow Touring Exhbition, Experimenta 2003-2005 and SmallWorlds, Sydney, UTS Gallery, Nov 2003.

Artist in residence, Monash university, Melbourne, Australia 2001

Installation: The Preservation of Entropy
science+art+alchemy, an exploration of space, time, energy and process
With grateful support from the Centre for Electronic Media Art CEMA

Research Fellow, Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art, 1995-2001.

Workshops: Interactive Environments, Beyond the Desktop
R&D: Real-Time Interactive 3D installations:

Alembic 1997: physics and alchemy,
2000: emergence and artificial life
The Book: Biotica: Art, Emergence and Artificial Life
The Neural Net Starfish in the Millennium Dome 2000

Experimental work and research: Stasis 1998, digital hypnosis;
Art, VR and the 4th Dimension

Interval Research (founded by Paul Allen, co founder of Microsoft)
The Wellcome Trust Sci-Art awards scheme
The Arts Council of England
Intel Corporation.

Research documentation: Art as a Mode of Enquiry: Virtual Unrealities