Exhibitions                                                                     Background

The mixed media works below include computer based installations, kinetic sculptures,
time based growth/decay electrochemical/organic constructions, sculptual/electronic installations,
and single/multiscreen audio/video productions.
Illustrations to be found at hot spots

In partnership as iE:

1990 Image Object multiscreen video wall production, Pompidou centre, Paris.
1989 Computer animations for Coldcut, Channel 4 and BBC2.
1989 Image Engine, a music responsive multiscreen video installation, the Royal Academy of Art, London.
1988 The Mirror, a reflective digitised time based computer installation, Air Gallery, London.
1987 The Tunnel, interactive haunted personality (Andrew Bailey), digital media, sensing, water and projection,
Battersea Arts Centre and the European Media Arts festival, media coverage on Radio 4 and "O1" for London television.

Group shows:
1995 MA Fine Art Degree Show, three interactive installations inspired by the fourth dimension:
Infinite resonance, Cube space - 3 video projections, mirrored cube and video recursion,
Energy waves - ultra violet kinetic waveforms, light and rotating steel construction, Nottingham Trent University.
1995 Kinetic and automata show: electromagnetic kinetics:Wiggle, Timepiece, Spring Onions; Ecoworks: outdoor
sun and wind powered electronic sculptures, Doris, Boris, Daphne and Amelia, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge.
1994 Interactive installation: De Lux , "Lighting Up", artists using artificial light, Bonington gallery, Nottingham.
1993 Computer works: Vira - artificial bacteria and Spiro - interactive electronic spirograph;
group show "Switched On", Bonington Gallery, Nottingham.
1993 Great Expectations slow algae growth over bride in glass case, 13 Moons and Potential Difference,
electrically metered corroding metal construction, Box Art, Nottingham Castle.
1990 Life Force, a high voltage kinetic sculpture, using neon, earth, moss, copper, glass and interactive electronics.
Nottingham Castle, Bonington Gallery, Leicester Museum, Luutchi Research Centre, Axis magazine.
1985 Roboshow, London an interactive multiscreen experience, comprising of 43 video screens, 3D sound
and hosted by "Q", a virtual robot.

Solo shows:

1994 Eco works, Kinetic sun and wind powered electronic sculptures, Doris, Boris, Amelia and Daphne,
Prema Arts Centre, Uley, Gloucester, the grounds of Nottingham Castle, Leicester Eco House.
1994 Time space energy installation, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham.
1992 Kinetic window installations, Ted Bakers: Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.
1990 Music responsive light sculptures shown at Diorama and Blast R101 London.