"All these things, fire, air ,and water, I have in one alembic in the earth.
You cannot make a human body out of any substance whatsoever.
Its substance is like, but its essence unlike that of gold.
These three visible colours correspond to the three elements,
earth, water, and fire, and are pervaded by the air.
The mingling of the elements is performed, not by the artists, but by thee."

Jean de Meung- The Remonstrance of Nature, 16thC.


"Linking art, science, spirituality and technology,
this interactive installation is the product of
the artist's exploration of virtual reality as a sculptural medium,
and is centered upon a floor based projection of computer generated 3D images.
These virtual forms represent the content of an 'alembic retort',
a device used by alchemists searching for the philospher's stone,
and are based upon the four alchemical elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Via electric field sensing, the movement of the viewer effects
the continual metamorphosis of these simulated forms,
from geometric crystalline structures to amorphous liquid shapes,
captivating the senses in a unique, powerfully mesmerising experience."

Exhibitions and Events, Bonington Gallery, January-July 1997.


Critique(text by J.Hewitt, Bonington Gallery)

Stills of Alembic Installation

Quick Time Movies (+sound) of Alembic Installation

Interactive Quick Time VR

Installation Schematic and Technical Details

Extracts from the comments book.


Touring Wellcome Trust Sci-art show "Tales of the Unexpected",
atCAMAC, France,January 11 - March 10th 2000 and the Harley Gallery,
Nottinghamshire, 24th September - 7th November 1999.

ICA 30th March - 3rd April 1998.

New Media Centrelaunch at theInstitute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
London, 12th & 14th November, 1997.

ISEA 97 Chicago, September 22nd - 27th, 1997.

Bonington Gallery  Nottingham, March 10th - 27th, 1997.

Alembic references previous installations and sculptures that include
interactive computer based installations, evolving electrochemical constructions,
multiscreen video and kinetic sculpture, high voltage electricity, neon and moss...

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